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As discussed  in previous posts, estate planning will increasingly focus on the income tax savings resulting from the “step-up” in basis.  Estate planners will seek to maximizing the “step-up” up in basis by ensuring that the assets that are includible in the estate of a decedent are the type of assets that will:

  1. Benefit from a “step-up” (avoiding the inclusion cash or property that has a basis greater than fair market value)
  2. Benefit the most from the “step-up” (for example, very low basis assets, collectibles, and “negative basis” assets); and
  3. Provide significant income tax benefits to the beneficiaries (assets are likely to be sold in a taxable transaction after “step-up” or depreciable/depletable assets giving rise to ongoing income tax deductions).

In addition to the foregoing, estate planners will increasingly seek to:

Maximize the value of certain assets because the step-up” in basis is based on fair market value (rather than trying to reduce the value for transfer tax purposes); and

Intentionally create estate tax inclusion, especially if the decedent lives in a state with no state death tax and if the decedent has significant unused Available Exclusion Amount above his or her assets.


Turney P. Berry

Louisville, Kentucky


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