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You Are Under Attack!

By Turney P. Berry

Blue ribbon pears at the Kentucky State Fair

Blue ribbon pears at the Kentucky State Fair

Yes, You. If you have an interest in a family business or benefit from a family business – and that is almost all of us  – then you should know that on August 2 the IRS unveiled a proposal specifically designed to increase the taxes paid by family business owners versus the unrelated owners of identical businesses. Family farms, investment companies, real estate investors and developers, every sort of business and business entity are included within the scope of the IRS proposal. Thus you need to take immediate action.

What does this new proposal do? Let’s consider a business with four equal owners that’s worth $10,000,000. The economic reality is that none of those co-owners could sell a one-quarter interest for $2,500,000. Appraisers tell us that minority interests – less than 50% of the vote – in privately held businesses should be discounted by 30% – 40% in a typical situation, although sometimes more or less depending on the facts in the real world.

Now let’s move from the real world to the world of the IRS. If the four owners are unrelated, then real world rules will apply. But if they are family members the Continue reading